Ruaha National Park
Ruaha is best kept wildlife secrets covering area of 20,300 Sq Kms with altitude of 1,000 m.

Ruaha is 1st largest National Park with biggest elephant sanctuary in Tanzania.

Ruaha is home of Hippo’s and Crocodile’s, also Water buck, Reed buck and Buffalo venture into the river’s edge to drink.

Other animals found there are Leopard, Hyena, Wild dog, Jackal, Pride of Lion etc, Antelope species such as Kudu, Impala, Sable antelope, Roan antelope, Grant gazelle, tiny Dik-dik thrive in the grasslands bordering the river alongside Giraffe, Zebra, Warthogs, Mongoose, Porcupine, Wildcat and Civet.

Ruaha bird life is prolific, over 370 species have been recorded and some of them are not found in Northern Tanzania.

Eurasian migrants flock to Ruaha twice a year March – April and October – November joining the Resident Kingfisher, Horn bills, Sunbird, Egrets and Plovers.

Activities in Ruaha :
Game drive, bird watching & Walking Safari accompanied with armed ranger.

Dry Season in Ruaha
June – Mid November: Best time for game viewing: Animals are concentrated around the shrinking water course
December – February: Humid & Hot: Good time for game viewing.

Rainy Season in Ruaha
Mid November – Mid December: Short Rain : Wonderful for bird life and lush scenery
April – May: Heavy Rain: Wonderful for bird life and lush scenery.

Getting to Ruaha
Road: 12 hours ( during dry season) from Dar es salaam, 5 hours from Mikumi National Park
Flight: 3 hours flight from Dar es Salaam.