My Africa. My Tanzania.

Tanzania, also known as the ‘land of opportunities’, located in the eastern part of Africa neighboring the great Indian Ocean. To some it’s the haven of peace and a perfect getaway to an exciting adventurous journey, but to some of us the lucky ones, we proudly say it’s our home.

Our country is mainly described as ‘warm & hot’, and we don’t only mean our climate aspect but also the people of Tanzania are categorized as warm and kind people. As Tanzanians we pay high tribute to our culture and heritage and we are always broad minded in accepting and respecting new foreign culture and ideas.
With our great climate of an approximation of 20°-30° C depending on the given season of the year, our astounding wildlife reserves, rich cultural heritage and history and extremely peaceful environment, Tanzania is easily the perfect holiday getaway.

Our Tanzania is so vast that even as Tanzanians we have yet to discover various other parts and we are on a constant journey in unearthing our way to the wonders of our country. The vastness of Tanzania can be categorized in Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern Circuits.

The Northern Circuit includes the entire diverse safari packages, conservation areas and game reserves such as the wondrous Ngorongoro crater and game reserve, which is also classified as the wonder of the world, due to the ‘magical sky’ under the mountain, The iconic Serengeti national park, where the constant migration of the wildebeest herd can be awe-inspired up close, not forgetting our pride Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Tanzania and the various other sight-seeing worth places such as the Arusha town and many others.

Kili, Our Pride.

The Southern Circuit includes another diverse packages including the Mikumi national park, which is a home to large varitieties of bird species, Selous Game Reserve, the breathtaking safari perfect for its wet wilderness, The astounding Udzungwa Mountains National Park, where you can go trekking and summit the top or swim in the waterfalls.

The Eastern Circuit gives out the tropical and exotic vibe just by merely being in the oceanic areas. It includes Saadani Game Park, a perfect getaway for the water and safari lovers, it’s a perfect place for discovering wildlife as you walk by the sandy beaches, Bagamoyo, which is rich in its Kaole ruins, a perfect place for studying our origin and a perfect chain of our exotic Islands including Zanzibar and Pemba.

Although the Northern Circuit can be more popular compared to the Southern Circuit, it’s more hectic and usually crowded by tourists all year-round. But the Southern Circuit is quite the opposite of the Northern Circuit since it’s not that much well-known, hence it makes it more remarkable since the land is untouched and gives you the serene and peaceful feeling as if it’s just you in a total complete different world in your vehicle in an unperturbed wild landscape.

So join us in our journey, and let’s discover our hidden African treasures together.