Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp

Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp: Somewhere in the middle of the rolling grasslands of Tanzania, against the dramatic angles of the Rift Valley Escarpment and the overlooking Lake Manyara stands The Lake Manyara Wildlife Camp, at the edge of the 600 meter high golden Rift Valley Escarpment crater.

The 16 bedrooms come equipped with en-suite bathroom, luxurious hot shower, comfortable bed, extra blankets, bedside lamps, elegant mosquito nets and unrivalled view. Tents and cottages are designed with comfort and location in mind, with our individual balconies giving you an unobstructed view of the Lake Manyara region and impressive Rift Valley Escarpment. Our accommodation features natural furnishings with wooden beds, traditional ‘Nyazi’ roofing and lush dining area, with an outdoor pool.

Due to our remote location, we offer Electricity(220 volts) via Generators, which are operational from 0530hr –0830hr and 1800hr – 2300hr.