Mahale Mountain National Park
Mahale is sanctuary for Chimpanzee which has boundary with shore of Lake Tanganyika, the 2nd deepest & unpolluted Lake.

Mahale rises from 2,460 m above sea level and with area of 1,600 sq km.

Home to some of Africa’s last remaining wild chimpanzees: a population of roughly 800 (only 60 individuals forming what is known as “M group”), habituated to human visitors by a Japanese research project founded in the 1960s.

Tracking the chimps of Mahale is a magical experience.

The guide’s eyes pick out last night’s nests – shadowy clumps high in a gallery of trees crowding the sky.

Scraps of half-eaten fruit and fresh dung become valuable clues, leading deeper into the forest.

Butterflies flit in the dappled sunlight.

Lake Tanganyika is home for about 1,000 different species of fish.

Dry Season in Mahale:

June – Mid November: Best time for game viewing.

December – February: Humid & Hot: Good time for game viewing.

Rainy Season in Mahale:

Mid November – Mid December: Short Rain :Wonderful for birdlife and lush scenery

April – May: heavy rain: Wonderful for birdlife and lush scenery.

Most of the lodges are usually closed from April to May.

Getting to Mahale:

Boat : 5-10 hours from Kigoma

Flight: 45 min from Kigoma

Suggested Itineraries for Mahale : Minimum 4 Days/ 3 Night Safari : Check for Itineraries