Kilombero Valley
Kilombero valley is a unique and complex area, the site is amongst the largest seasonal wetland in East Africa, and this wetland is an important source of nutrients and sediment for the downstream area.

It observed that Kilombero valley has one endemic species of Crocodile called Crocodylus niloticus and endemic population of Colobus Monkey.

Also Kilombero valley contains a property population of Puku antelope which are only found in 18 locations in Africa and 3 endemic bird species namely weaverbird and 2 Cisticolla species.

During the wet seasons, it is an important spawning area for many kinds of fish in Rufiji River.

In Kilombero valley in short study it observed that there are 27 types of fish. More study is needed to confirm the observation.

Activities: Bird watching, Canoeing & Cultural tour

Dry Season in Kilombero:

June – Mid November: Best time to visit

December – February: Humid & Hot: Good time to visit.

Rainy Season in Kilombero:

Mid November – Mid December: Short Rain: Wonderful for birdlife and lush scenery

April – May: Heavy rain: Wonderful for birdlife and lush scenery but many roads become impassable after heavy rains.

Getting to Kilombero :

By Road : 1 hour drive from Udzungwa