Amani Nature Reserve
Amani Forest Nature Reserve is one of the latest Nature Reserve established by the government to protect flora and fauna of East Usambara and is the 2nd largest botanical garden in the world.

Today the area continues to play a significant part in medical research hosting the Amani Medical Research Centre.

Peculiar in floristic diversity (3,450 vascular plant taxa). This peculiarity attracts Eco tourists to the area. Presence of African violet flower (11 species) in the wilderness of Amani Nature Reserve and availability of endemic and endangered plants add the tourism attractions of Amani Nature Reserve

More than 340 bird species has been recorded in East Usambara and most of these are found in Amani Nature Reserve. Many bird watchers visits Amani looking for the endemic and endangered birds including Usambara Eagle Owl (Bubo vosseleri), Usambara Weaver (Ploseus nicolli), Amani Sun bird (Anthreptes pallidigaster), Long billed tailor-bird (Orthotomus moreaui)

The Amani Nature Reserve being part of Eastern Arc Mountains has been recorded to have74 genera of animals including reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds and molluscs.

Some of visitors visiting Amani nature Reserve they are interested with chameleons (the endemic one with three horn), snakes including mountain Cobra, and amphibians’ particularly legless frog. Butterfly and other insects. Sometime you can do night walk to see some of these animals, nocturnal ones.

Activities in Amani Nature Reserve :

The Nature Reserve has now been turned into an Eco tourism attraction with greater emphasis on birdwatching, nature watching , walking and hiking.

Dry Season in Amani Nature Reserve :

June – Mid November: Best time for game viewing.

December – February: Humid & Hot: Good time for game viewing.

Rainy Season in Selous:

Mid November – Mid December: Short Rain: Wonderful for birdlife and lush scenery but many roads become impassable after heavy rains

April – May: Heavy rain: Wonderful for birdlife and lush scenery but many roads become impassable after heavy rains. Don’t recommend to travel during these months.

Getting to Amani Nature Reserve :

Road: 5 – 6 hours (during dry season) from Dar es salaam / 3 – 4 hr drive from Saadani / 2-3 hr drive from Pangani

Suggested Itineraries for Amani Nature Reserve : Minimum 3 Days/2 Nights Safari : Amani Nature Reserve can be combined with Saadani , Pangani & Mikumi : Check for Itineraries.